Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gift campaign

• Do you know someone who is retiring and deserves a gift, a big gift?

• Do you know a guy that is planning to ask his girlfriend to marry him but doesn’t have enough money to buy a ring?

•Do you a hard working policeman, firefighter, teacher, cab driver, or someone who is in a line of work helping others but can’t get home for the holidays because they simply can’t afford the trip or the time to take off?

•Do you know a community that could use a green space but can’t afford the cost of setting one up?

•Do you know a block of hard working people who could use a little sprucing up of their block during the holiday season?

We want to hear THOSE stories.
We are working on this exciting campaign and need the stories by 5pm Wednesday 9/10
Because this is for a beer commercial we cannot feature children so please bear that in mind when submitting stories.

What we need from you in your submission:
Photo of you (the person submitting the story)
A photo of the person you are nominating for the gift
A brief story about the person you are nominating, why they deserve this gift and what category above they fall under.

Please submit pictures to and put "gift campaign" in the subject line.

Thank you!

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