Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Looking for Yankee's fans

Are you a Yankees fan? Would you be interested in being part of a big Yankees event on Opening Day?

If you are and would, please email:

With the following info:
•how old you are
•where you live
•where you work
•will you be willing to meet a current or former Yankee player?
•social media handles: (facebook, instagram, snapchat)
•current photo

In order to be considered for this event all the above questions must be answered as well as the photo attachment. Deadline for submissions is Friday March 25.

Casting for this event will take place on Saturday March 26 in NYC. After Saturday's casting, 16 people will be chosen to take part of the on camera questions about the Yankees. All 16 people will be paid $100 in cash for their time and 6 people will be chosen to meet a player and be part of other surprises.


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