Friday, January 19, 2018


Rate: $500 + 20% for session, $1400 for buyout 2yrs.
Usage: WW Internet Only including industrial media. 2 years. Year 3 at @$700.
No exclusivity.
Here is the brief:
We’re looking for girls, boys, gender fluid/con-conforming and transgendered young people. Each should be total individual, have something electric about them, breaking the mould by being truly themselves.
Age Range: 13-17
NETFLIX not Nickelodeon: If Sophia Coppola/Gus Van Sant were making our spots, these are the people they'd find. They're not kids, they're younger humans with authentic quirks, performance skills and attitude. Never cutesy, they're real, and relatable to all ages.
Diversity: Wide diversity of ethnicities, sexual orientations, sex/ genders, sizes and background are encouraged. For this For the Asian market we are looking specifically for Japanese and Korean talent.
Cool but Kind: Cool kids/edgy, but still accessible. Think: the cool kid who is nice to everyone. Genuine, not putting on a show.
Wardrobe: Should be hip/cool, seasonal, and comfortable. Should not be distracting. Age appropriate and on trend, but simple.
email photo submissions to:
must be available for a Wednesday 1/24 cast
and if chosen shoot will be on Monday 1/29

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